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How I Navigated The 'Coming Out' Process With My Kids

As parents, we try our best to establish open, honest communication with our kids. We encourage them to tell us anything, even if they feel scared to tell us. But should we apply this same principle the other way around? If so, how can we navigate more difficult conversations, like coming out, with our kids? I knew I identified as bisexual in my teen years, but I kept that details locked away until my late twenties. When I finally made the choice to "come out" as LGBTQ+, I didn't tell my child

My Best Friend Has Positively Impacted My Disabled Daughter

Raising a child with any sort of disability, even a mild one, can feel overwhelming at times. However, living with a disability often feels incredibly isolating for children, especially if they don't know anyone else who lives with the same condition and they rarely see themselves portrayed in mainstream media. Luckily for my daughter and me, that isn't the case because my daughter lives with the same neurological condition as one of my best friends. From the very beginning, my youngest daught

Mom-Dating Can Be Harder Than Actual Dating

As moms, we've all been through the dating game during our lifetime. Once we add kids to our lives and we enter motherhood, however, we eventually enter a completely new phase of life: mom dating. Unlike romantic dating, mom dating is all about finding fellow mom friends we can hang out with and actually talk to adults. It's very different than romantic dating before kids, and in many cases, finding mom friends can actually be much harder than traditional dating. Any type of dating can feel ove

5 Changes That Occur When Your Big Kid Morphs Into A Tween

All kids reach that critical point where they almost seem like they're in between childhood and the teenage years — the tween years. This shift usually happens shortly before puberty, between the ages of 9 and 12. And, believe it or not, it's actually a very important developmental stage for kids because of all the changes that occur. However, very few parents feel fully prepared for all of these sudden changes that occur in their sweet child once they reach the tween years. If you're feeling i

Tips For When Pandemic Struggles Trigger Mom Guilt

Although we don't talk about it nearly enough, mom guilt is a very real issue that many of us battle on a nearly daily basis. Unfortunately, though, the pandemic has increased these feelings of guilt and inadequacy even more than ever before — and it's taking a serious toll on mothers everywhere. If pandemic-related struggles have triggered extra mom guilt for you, know that you're not alone and you can combat those feelings with these expert-recommended tips. RELATED: Experts Pleading With Mo

How To Recognize When Your Child Needs To See A Therapist

One of the most difficult challenges parents face is determining if their child's behaviors and emotional responses are healthy or an indication that their child is struggling. And even if parents do what they can to provide a safe home and teach through social emotional learning, life events and mental health problems can still pop up in their child's life. If you know how to recognize when your child needs to see a therapist and learn how to effectively get them the help they need, you can ul

Read This If Your Family Only Sees You as Your BPD Diagnosis

As the only member of my immediate family with diagnosed mental health conditions, I have spent over half of my life feeling like a bit of a black sheep. I first started seeing a psychiatrist and therapist in the eighth grade, and my parents didn’t even seem to bat an eye when I received my borderline personality disorder diagnosis. After all, the “label” merely matched what they already saw me as– a mentally unstable hot mess. When I spend any amount of time with my family, they remind me of a

Psychotherapy May Help Trans-Curious Teens Feel More Comfortable With Their Decision

Obviously, trans kids aren't a "new phenomenon." With as many as two percent of all high school students now identifying as transgender, though, the topic of transitioning and treatment for trans youth is a very hot-button issue. Most experts say that anything gender affirmation and acceptance can help teens who are even questioning their gender identity. However, many experts also want parents to know that transitioning isn't easily reversible — which is why therapy may actually help trans-cur

5 Healthy Ways Can Overcome Shame

Shame is one of the most unpleasant emotions humans experience. It can cause us to feel sad, angry, disappointed, and more. Over time, shame can severely damage our feelings of self-worth and make us feel like we're inadequate. Unfortunately, mom shame is a common part of society that damages women's mental health — but we can change that. With these 5 healthy methods at your disposal, you can overcome shame and remove it from your life and the lives of other moms too. RELATED: Nearly Half Of

Kids Aren't Really Learning Much With Educational Apps

As parents, we want to make sure our children are learning and developing appropriately. Unfortunately, we're also busy, so we look for ways for our children to learn independently — and educational apps often seem like the perfect solution for that. However, a recent study determined very few apps provide a high-quality educational experience for kids. RELATED: 10 Apps To Help Your Child Learn How To Read The research study, which recently published in the Journal of Chidden and Media, looke

Handling Your Child's Behavior When You've Tried Everything

No child is perfect. As parents, we know this — but it doesn't make us feel any less frustrated when our child's behavior causes problems. Over time, however, we feel more and more worn down as we try every possible solution in the book and still deal with a child who simply cannot seem to manage their behavior. If you feel like you've tried everything to manage your child's behavior and nothing seems to work, you may not need a new discipline strategy — you may just need to reframe things and

Dinnerly vs EveryPlate: Comparing Two Discount Meal Kits (2021 Update!)

We’ve tried both of these services personally, and we use affiliate links to help cover the costs of running this site. When you Google search “cheapest meal delivery kit,” two brands will appear at the top: Dinnerly and EveryPlate. Both of these brands smash the competition with their low-cost meal kit delivery services of $4.99 per serving. However, when a budget-conscious consumer wants to cut down on takeout or skip a grocery shopping trip, which company provides a better product? We put ea

How To Remain Sane When Grocery Shopping With Multiple Kids

Grocery shopping is tough enough as is these days. You step into the store with your huge list, and suddenly the store can feel completely overwhelming. When you add kids into that mix, though, grocery shopping can often morph into a task that feels impossible to complete. However, it doesn't all have to be chaos if you don't let it become that way. In fact, you can use some smart parenting tips from others who came before you and remain sane even while shopping with kids in the grocery store.

NICU Discharge: Tips For Parents For Preparing The Transition

Your child's birth is often one of the most exciting and beautiful moments of your life. Once the dust settles and you prepare to take your newborn home, though, you may find yourself feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. This is typical for any new parent. However, parents of pre-term or NICU babies usually feel even more overwhelmed than the average new parent because of all of the "extras" that come along with their newborn's needs. For this reason, it's important to prepare for the transition

How To Help Your Teens Cope With Their Mental Health This Summer

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and many parents and kids have experienced mental health struggles as a result of social distancing and other measures. In fact, researchers say nearly half of all teens have experienced new or worsening mental health conditions since the start of the pandemic. As restrictions begin to lift, however, many parents may falsely assume that their teen's spirits will instantly lift as well. Unfortunately, though, that may not be the case. For this reason, pare

The 3 Best Ways To Reheat Rotisserie Chicken (With Pictures!)

When you’re in a pinch but don’t want something fatty to eat, a whole rotisserie chicken easily makes a delightful weeknight dinner. They’re readily available at your local Costco or Walmart grocery stores, and with a couple of microwavable sides, food can be on the table in under 20 minutes! But unless you’re feeding a whole family of four (or more), leftover chicken will end up back in your fridge—meaning you’ll be asking yourself an important question later that week: What’s the best way to

Why Children Need To See Themselves Represented In Media

The average child now spends an average of six hours per day in front of a screen. While not all of that time is spent reading books or watching television shows, a lot of it is. Through these forms of mainstream media, children take in a lot of information and subliminal messages — and parents don't even realize it most of the time. In fact, children pay close attention to the types of characters they see in their favorite books and TV shows. For this reason, it's especially important that chi

Getting Over Our Anxieties About Sex Ed Will Help Teens Make Informed Decisions

No parent ever wants to picture their child growing up and having sex. With reality shows like Teen Mom and even evening sitcoms filled with sexual encounters, however, teens are being exposed to sex at much higher rates than ever before — which means parents can't avoid the topic of sex forever. Unfortunately, many parents of teens face lots of anxiety and fear around mentioning sex to their teens. In order for teenagers to make informed decisions about sex and relationships, though, they real

How Babies & Toddlers Begin To Develop Their Identity

From the day their baby is born, most parents wonder when their baby will start developing their identity and personality. While most new parents assume this happens much later in child development, there are actually several ways in which babies and toddlers begin to develop their identity. Let's explore how this happens. From the day they are born, babies start developing their identity by developing a sense of self. In other words, babies start learning that they are a person who exists sep

How Books Introduce Toddlers To Empathy

Most parents already know that reading to their toddlers on a regular basis is highly beneficial. After all, reading with your child helps them develop language skills and exposes them to a larger vocabulary. Surprisingly, though, books can also provide children with many soft skills too. In fact, books can also introduce concepts like empathy to toddlers in a way they can grasp. That's right, they can — as long as you select the right books and present the materials in a way your child can gra
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