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9 Activities For The Family When Camping

If your family is looking for a fun and unique vacation idea this year, camping might be exactly what you need. Camping lets your family unplug for a bit, reconnect with the outdoors, and even bond a little bit. Sounds fun, right? If you're thinking about camping as a family vacation but unsure of what to do during your trip, consider these nine fun activities that both kids and parents thoroughly enjoy. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone active and outdoors in a fun way. With a n

LGBTQ+ Kids Mentally Prosper With Accepting Parents

Although nearly every parent loves their child unconditionally, there are times when children do things that shock parents and leave them confused and even conflicted on what to do next. This is especially true for parents whose children share the news that their identity and preferences make them part of the LGBTQ+ community. During the American Psychiatric Association's 2021 Annual Meeting earlier this week, though, the organization released the results of a new study about the relationship b

Morning Routines Help Sharpen Kids' Thinking Skills

It's no secret that children and parents thrive on well-established routines. In fact, most parents are fully aware of how much consistency helps their children avoid emotional dysregulation because of the comfort the routine provides. However, there's another reason why morning routines are so important for child development — they also help sharpen kids' thinking skills. RELATED: 6 Benefits That Come With A Consistent Routine For Kids Memory and Thinking Are Critical For Kids Memory is an

7 Fun Games To Play Using Sidewalk Chalk

Summer is right around the corner, which means they'll be spending lots more time at home. Don't just let your kids sit around spending hours in front of screens this summer though — get them outside to catch some rays of sunshine. If you're looking for something fun and different to do with the kids, then check out these seven games you can play just by drawing out things with sidewalk chalk. RELATED: 6 Most Fun Backyard Games For Kids & How To Play If you aren't familiar with hopscotch, Par

10 Crafts & Games For Kids On Star Wars Day

It's May the Fourth, which means it's Star Wars Day! These cinematic hits have been around for decades, and now that Disney owns the franchise, a whole new generation gets to love and quote them just as much as we did growing up. If your family is into movies like Star Wars and also into making crafts or enjoying quality time together through fun activities, then look no further than these exciting Star Wars crafts and activities below! If you're looking for a craft project that doubles as an

Mindfulness Shown To Boost Kids' Mental Health

As most parents know, this school year has been harder on kids than ever. Between mask mandates and virtual learning, kids have felt more stressed than ever. Because of this, many schools are looking for ways to improve conditions for students when they return full-steam in the fall. According to a recently published study by researchers at the University of Derby, school-based mindfulness programs can help improve children's mental health and outlook on life, which means they could be just the

Telehealth Found Beneficial For All Families Regardless Of Status

Over the past year, many families have become increasingly reliant on technology within the house. While the abundance of internet availability and computers has allowed parents to work from home and children to still attend school virtually, we've seen that virtual isn't the best option for some demographic groups when it comes to their education. During the Pediatric Academic Society 2021 Virtual Meeting, though, the research team at Nemours Children's Health System shared some interesting da

6 Ways To Make Meditation A Family Activity

For many families, life feels very stressful and even frantic these days. We’re constantly busy and even struggle to prioritize family dinner some nights because of all that we’re dealing with. However, family bonding is still important, as is taking some time to relax. Many busy moms and dads look to meditation and other relaxation techniques as a way to calm down their brains and bodies, if even just for a moment. Even brief meditation sessions can help alleviate chronic stress for parents, a

How To Spot Restless Sleep Disorder In Kids

Getting a good night's sleep is harder than ever for many parents. In fact, many parents say they don't get enough sleep at night... but then again neither do their kids. But what's a parent to do if they notice their child isn't getting enough sleep even after they've tried nearly every trick in the book? Well, there's a distinct possibility your child could be dealing with a relatively new condition: restless sleep disorder. Unlike other pediatric sleep disorders like sleep apnea, restless s

Parental Leave Has Become A Hot Topic (82% Of Parents Want It)

When couples make the decision to welcome a baby into the world, they have to stop and consider all of the financial impacts that come with a child. Unfortunately for American parents, this financial impact includes the cost of lost wages due to any parental leave they decide to take once the baby arrives. While the issue of paid parental leave is playing out once again in Congress, more parents than ever firmly believe they should receive parental leave when a child is born. RELATED: Maternit

Focusing On Getting Kids Out Of Poverty Will Benefit Their Future

Earlier this year, Congress passed the most recent COVID-19 relief efforts. That plan included a significant expansion to the current Child Tax Credit for the next year. This new, higher credit will come in the form of monthly payments of $250 to $300 per month for the last half of 2021, which many experts predict will greatly help families who are barely scraping by financially right now. In fact, many experts predict this is exactly what children in the United States need to brighten their fu

Teens With Eczema May Struggle With Behavioral Issues

As children grow into teenagers, they can develop quite the attitude. In many cases, these mood shifts can happen almost overnight, which leaves many parents wondering if there's another underlying cause besides just those "raging hormones." Well, according to the results of a new research study, our teens' behavioral problems could actually be connected to their underlying issue with eczema or asthma. A team of German researchers led by Dr. Wiebke Keller collected medical records and screenin

Ideas And Tips When Setting Up A Bedroom For Foster Care Child

When you make the decision to be a foster parent, you may feel both excited and overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do before you welcome your first foster child into your home. But deep down, you probably feel excited at the possibility of what's to come with this new child, whether they live in your home temporarily or you later adopt them. As you begin to set up a bedroom for a foster child, though, you may find yourself frustrated because you likely don't know all the specifics.

Recent Survey Looks At The Parenting Positives of the Pandemic

If you scroll through most pandemic-related headlines, you’ll see countless discussions on how parents experienced stress and online learning failed children. However, a recent family survey is taking on the pandemic from a glass half-full perspective for parents. The award-winning educational toy company Learning Resources recently surveyed 200 moms with children between the ages of 2 and 8 to gauge how families have handled quarantine life. Much to everyone’s surprise, the data was a lot mor

7 Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day Even If You Can't Meet In-Person

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to celebrate that special woman who made you who you are today. You'll likely receive your own fair share of sweet gifts and hugs now that you're a mom, too, which is all the more reason to give something to your own mother on this Mother's Day, too. It may not be as easy to celebrate Mother's Day with your mom if you don't live near each other. However, there are actually plenty of ways to celebrate the special woman in your life t

Becoming Pregnant After A Miscarriage: Ways To Manage Fear

When most women see that positive pregnancy test result, they feel overwhelmed with excitement and joy. After all, it's an emotional time. That little "positive" means that a bundle of joy is on the way, and there are very few things in this world that are more exciting than that! If you've previously experienced a miscarriage, though, that excitement may not feel as prevalent during the early days of your pregnancy. In fact, you may even feel a little sad and very anxious about what the coming

Can Feel In Control During The Pandemic Even When Things Seem The Opposite

There are many things about the COVID-19 pandemic that feel out of our control. However, worrying about all of these external factors won't help at all. In fact, worrying over what we can't control actually makes us feel worse most of the time. When we worry over things we can't control, our minds become stuck because they can't find a solution. According to Forbes, this constant worrying over things we can't control drains our mental strength and can even cause physical symptoms if the worry c

Recent Survey Looks At Pandemic's Parenting Positives

If you scroll through most pandemic-related headlines, you’ll see countless discussions on how parents experienced stress and online learning failed children. However, a recent family survey is taking on the pandemic from a glass-half-full perspective for parents. RELATED: Pandemic Brought Families Together & Kids Like It The award-winning educational toy company Learning Resources recently surveyed 200 moms with children between the ages of 2 and 8 to gauge how families have handled quaranti

Kids' Stuttering & Regulation Of Emotions Are Connected

As our kids learn how to talk, they can experience all sorts of temporary bumps in the road and delays in terms of speech and language development. In many cases, children can develop certain speech disfluencies like the repetition of words or stuttering. While these issues correct themselves over time in many cases, there are instances where stuttering can become a long-term issue for kids. In fact, many professionals now say that there's enough data to confirm a strong connection between a ch

8 Essential Books on Borderline Personality Disorder

Knowledge is power anytime, but especially when you live with mental illness. We can learn so much about ourselves through the words of others, not to mention we can help others learn more about our mental illness, and how they can support us on our more difficult days. As I scroll through social media support groups, I frequently see people ask for book recommendations for borderline personality disorder (BPD). Therefore, I think it’s finally time someone made a list of BPD-related books to he
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