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10 Tips For Dating In Your 40s

Believe it or not, dating in your 40s isn't all that bad. Dating in this prime time of your life can be exciting and even fun. You can enjoy lots of new experiences without the pressure to settle down. You can also enjoy the confidence life experiences have given you and use it to your advantage. However, dating in your 40s isn't just fun and games — it can also be quite stressful. You may have to make an online dating profile, deal with divorce, and much more - perhaps while juggling child ca

How To Be More Consistent When Discipling Your Children

There are dozens of parenting styles and discipline strategies out there. However, no matter which techniques you use, there's one thing that nearly every parenting expert agrees on — consistency is more important than anything else. But how can parents remain consistent when disciplining their children? Well, these strategies can help. RELATED: Here's The Perfect Balance Between Saying 'Yes' & 'No' It's impossible to remain consistent when you are enforcing dozens of rules with multiple child

10 Risks Of Vaginally Delivering Twins

Most expecting moms deliver their babies vaginally. These moms still have to make choices about getting an epidural or how they want to deliver their baby, but they mostly know what is going to happen. However, when you're pregnant with twins, it's a whole different ball game. Although many women do go on to deliver their twins vaginally, there are some extra concerns moms need to be aware of before they simply decide to try a vaginal delivery. In fact, there are many added risks that come with

The Dos & Don’ts Of Raising An Independent Eater

As infants grow into toddlers, they begin to explore the world in many ways. One of these ways is through food. After the "food before one is just for fun" phase, parents have to help kids learn how to become fully-independent eaters. But how can we instill healthy habits and avoid encouraging disordered eating for our toddlers? Well, this guide can help. RELATED: 10 Things To Do When Toddler Refuses To Eat How To Raise An Independent Eater As parents, we want our little ones to eat nutrient-

10 Tips For Parents Dealing With A Non-Binary Child Going Through Puberty

Puberty can be a real struggle for any child. Between hormones and other body changes, it can be scary and confusing. In fact, many kids find puberty to be the most difficult time in their lives. However, non-binary children going through puberty face many unique issues that parents may or may not feel prepared to handle. So, if you're a parent dealing with a child going through puberty, you'll want to explore these 10 tips How To Cope With A Teen Who Is Super Emotional Due To PMS Puberty conv

Alternatives To Epidurals During Labor

One of the most difficult parts of childbirth is the pain that comes with contractions and delivery. Sure, breathing and other things can help a bit, but they only do so much when the contractions become intense and you have to start pushing. Some women opt for epidurals for this reason, but not everyone is a fan of those and they can come with some complications. Luckily, there are also several safe alternatives to epidurals you can use during labor. According to Riverside Health System, nitri

What To Do When Your Child Is A Perfectionist

As parents, we're bad about bragging about our child's accomplishments or celebrating perfectionism in everyday life. Unfortunately, as many parents know all too well, true perfectionism can impact every aspect of a person's life — and not in a good way. It can lead children to have panic attacks at school, or quit activities because they "aren't good enough." Over time, this can wear down a child's self-esteem and harm their mental health. If you're a parent, and you notice that your child is

What To Do If You Have An Unwanted Pregnancy

For many women, a positive pregnancy test is a cause for celebration. But what happens if you weren't trying to conceive? An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful to say the least, but it's not impossible to manage. In fact, there are several things you can do to work through this. RELATED: Drinking Alcohol: "But I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" Immediate Steps To Take According to WebMD, the first thing you should do after you discover you are pregnant is contact your primary care doctor or OBGY

Is Sugar Harming Your Baby During Pregnancy?

As you progress through your pregnancy, you will definitely notice an increase in your appetite after the morning sickness subsides. In many cases, women also deal with pregnancy cravings in addition to just "eating for two," and sometimes those cravings are, well, less than healthy. But is there any reason to not give into your desire to bake up some brownies or dig into a pint of ice cream? Well, it turns out there may be a reason for concern during pregnancy. RELATED: The Key To Pregnancy Di

Are The Apps Daycares Use To Share Data With Parents Actually Safe?

Nearly 60 percent of parents rely on daycare centers for the care of their children while they work. Thanks to modern technology, though, many parents receive little updates and photos of their children throughout the day thanks to smartphone apps specifically designed for daycare centers. These apps can provide everything from when they check in and out each day to information about when and how much your child ate during the day. But are these apps really a good idea? Well, many experts are sa

11 Healthy Ways For Teens To Stay Alert At School

All children have a hard time staying awake at school from time to time. However, teens in particular struggle with attentiveness during the school day, especially when they're in a class they don't particularly enjoy, be it math or creative writing. Although there are lots of supplements and over-the-counter items out there that say they can keep anyone awake, they aren't necessarily healthy, especially for high school students. Luckily, these 11 suggestions are all healthy ways for teens to st

Positive Parenting Explained

Whether you're a fairly new mom or a veteran parent, chances are the concept of parenting styles isn't foreign to you. However, with so many parenting styles out there these days, it's hard to know which approach is the best. Obviously, every parent does things their own way. However, positive parenting has become more and more of a buzzword in recent years. But what is positive parenting? And why are so many experts saying it is so beneficial? RELATED: Which Of These 8 Parenting Styles Do You

9 Books To Help You And Your Co-Parent Get On The Same Page

Whether you went through an uncontested divorce or were never even married to the co-parent you share a child with, chances are you have at least some moments of difficulty and stress as you try to raise a child together. Sometimes when you live in separate households and lead different lives, it's really hard to get on the same page about your parenting. Luckily, there are lots of great books out there for you to read together and try to work on your co-parenting relationship. RELATED: What To

Pros and Cons of Granting Your Kids A 'Yes Day'

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you've heard about a "Yes Day." Essentially, it's a day when parents and kids throw the usual routines and rules out the window, and parents simply say "yes" to what the kids ask for. Obviously, that's not always exactly what can happen, but it's a general idea. But is simply throwing all rules and reason out the window in favor of a "Yes Day" really a good idea? Well, there are some pros and cons for parents to consider. RELATED: Here's The

How To Juggle Two Jobs & Kids Without Losing Your Mind As A Single Mom

Parenting is a full-time job in itself even if you're in a two-parent household. However, when you're the only parent at home, and you're juggling multiple jobs so you can provide for your kids, life can feel more than a bit overwhelming at times. The stress of everything can easily weigh you down to the point that you feel like you can't possibly continue, especially if you aren't taking time to care for yourself as well. If there's one thing I've learned during my time as a divorced mom work
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