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Top 14 Breastfeeding Challenges (& How Moms Can Address Them)

A woman's breastfeeding journey is often filled with highs and lows. Unfortunately, many women don't know all of the potential challenges they may encounter when they make the decision to breastfeed. And, even if they do, they may not know how to successfully deal with these various challenges. Luckily, this list can help you identify problems before they happen so you have the tools you need to deal with them and breastfeed as long as they want. Cluster feedings are temporary times when your b

12 Things Teens Can Do To Earn Money Over The Summer

Now that school is officially out for the summer, chances are your teenager is sitting at home bored and looking for something to do. Or, they may want to go out with friends but need gas money to get where they want to go. In either case, a summer job can be a great way for teens to learn new skills and earn some money. So, here are 12 ideas that make great summer jobs for teenagers. Many teens use the summer to make money outdoors. In fact, some teens earn six-figure salaries running lawn car

A Letter To My Very Responsible Oldest Child: Enjoy Your Childhood, Mommy’s Got This

I always appreciate your willingness to help me out. You try to make sure that everything ends up where it should be, and you keep everyone in our family on a schedule. You offer to do things that no child should be doing, like caring for your younger sister or helping with the pets. You've always been a natural caretaker and "mother hen," and it's incredible to watch you grow up and continue this trend. I also love your moral compass. You pay careful attention to rules and regulations, and you

Understanding Low Muscle Tone in Children |

• Children with low muscle tone may appear floppy, weak, or uncoordinated. • Some common causes of low muscle tone include Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or hypermobility disorders. • Children with low muscle tone may experience delays in gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and speech. As parents, we look forward to the day when our babies roll over for the first time or take their first steps. Many of us watch our children with curious fascination from the time they’re born. We wait for a

To The Moms Of Toddlers With Special Needs

To the moms of toddlers with special needs, I realize we don't know each other, but I have a feeling I know exactly how you feel right now. I know because, like you, one of my children received a disability diagnosis as a toddler. Raising a toddler isn’t easy — period. However, I don’t think that many people realize just how difficult it is to raise a toddler with a disability or neurodivergence. But I know. I see you. RELATED: How My Milestone Anxiety Actually Helped My Toddler I know about

How To Handle Father's Day If Your Child's Dad Isn't Around

For most families, Father’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the man who serves as the primary supporter of your household. Moms love to make crafts and come up with cute ways to make the day special for dad. However, Father’s Day isn’t a joyous celebration for every family because dad isn’t there. When your child’s father recently left, passed away, or has never been in the picture at all, it’s hard to know how to handle this day that gets so much attention everywhere we turn. Hopefully, t

Kylie Jenner Dealing With Postpartum Pain

Back in February, reality star and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child, a son. While there are some aspects of life postpartum that Jenner hasn’t shared details about, she has had no issues talking about her postpartum struggles with this pregnancy, especially in how they compare to her life postpartum after her daughter’s birth several years ago. Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share her latest postpartum struggle. Although Kylie has since removed the post,

11 Ways To Pay For IVF (Because It's Expensive)

An average of 1 in 3 women has used or knows someone who has used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive a child. However, IVF isn't cheap since it involves so many expenses. In fact, a single round of treatment can cost $10,000 or more. So how do people afford this expensive, but often necessary medical procedure in order to have a child? Well, in many cases, people seek out one of these 11 ways to pay for their IVF fertility treatments. RELATED: Ways To Find Support When Going Through IVF

How To Handle A Sibling Fight When It's Multiple Kids

Sibling fights are one of the most difficult parts of parenting. However, conflicts between kids are much more difficult when they involve three (or more) kids in your house. When this happens, it's only natural that parents would want to jump in, find out who is to blame, and assign punishments so they can avoid additional fights. But is that really what needs to happen? According to most experts, the answer is no. Instead, here's how you can handle a sibling fight when it's multiple kids. RE

Toxic Friendship: 9 Undeniable Bad Friend Signs

We all have certain people we consider to be our closest friends. Most of the time, we select these friends because we share common interests, provide each other with emotional support when we're having a hard time, and enjoy spending quality time together. But what if your best friend is not always the nicest person to you? Well, depending on the specifics of your situation, you might be dealing with a toxic person or a bad friend, here are some of the signs: • They use put-downs or constantly

What Motherhood Has Taught Me About ‘Living My Best Life’

When I brought my oldest child home from the hospital after their birth, I had no idea what a wild ride I was in for. Now, over nine years have passed and a lot has happened along the way on my motherhood journey. I've added a second child, switched careers, gone through a divorce, and learned countless new skills. But, one of things I'm most thankful for isn't about what I've learned to do — it's about who I've become as a result of having children. In fact, there are many ways in which mother

10 Grant & Scholarship Options For Expecting Moms Who Want To Stay In School

Many women have a hard time paying for college. However, this burden becomes exponentially more difficult when you're pregnant and still enrolled in school. Luckily, there are specific scholarship and grant options out there designed to help expectant moms pay for college so they don't have to give up on their dreams. RELATED: In College With A Baby? 5 Tips To Make It Through The Semester The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) offers several annual scholarships to help encourage more women to pu

10 Financial Lessons Parents Should Teach Their Children

Believe it or not, it's never too early to start teaching your child about money management and finances. In fact, many of the children who experience financial stress later in life are those who weren't taught financial lessons during their early childhood. Teaching kids about money at a young age will help build good financial habits and better prepare them for a stronger financial future. And, it all starts with these 10 financial lessons from parents. RELATED: Your Beliefs About Money Are A

Here's How Mom Can Help Kids Avoid 'Summer Slide' With Their Learning

When we think of summer break, we usually think of two months without any learning. However, kids who struggle during the school year are often at risk for the "summer slide," where they lose the gains they made during the school year because they aren't continuing to practice reading or math skills. And, with the past two school years being completely different, more kids than ever are behind in at least one subject area due to the differences between online learning and lack of one-on-one help

Understanding Gross Motor Delay in Children |

• A gross motor delay is a term used when children do not meet gross motor milestones within a certain time frame. • Children with gross motor delays may have stiff or loose muscles. • Gross motor delays can be part of a global developmental delay. • There are several causes of gross motor delays. • Early interventions help children to improve their gross motor skills. Many parents worry when their children don’t hit developmental milestones within a certain age range. When my youngest child s

Self-Improvement After A Breakup

Going through a bad breakup is often one of the most challenging moments in our lives. When a long-term relationship ends, we often feel like our entire world is ending and we don't know if we will ever recover. While you may not realize it yet, your broken heart may be the thing you needed. In fact, many people come out of challenging moments such as these even better than before, and they ultimately live much happier lives. However, getting to that point of peace and happiness is a process —

Family Therapy: A Quick Guide For

We all know that raising a family can get complicated and messy. However, sometimes we aren't always sure how to handle specific types of situations that come up for our families like major conflicts, behavior issues, or even marital problems. Luckily, there are people who are specially trained to help families work through their issues and find peace on the other side — they're called family therapists. RELATED: Yes, My Kids Know I'm In Therapy — Here's Why Most of the time, people attend the

11 Reasons Why Your Child May Be Having Frequent Headaches

No parent likes it when their child doesn't feel well. Although headaches occur frequently in children, a child should not experience headaches daily or even multiple times per week. If you notice that your child is experiencing frequent headaches, these could be potential causes that are impacting your kid's health. The common cold and other illnesses like flu, allergies, ear infections, and sinus infections can all lead to headaches. Sometimes these illnesses don't come with many other sympto

What Should I Do If My Children Don't Like Their Other Parent's New Spouse?

Although children struggle with divorce initially, they often adjust in time. However, when one parent remarries, it can bring up a whole other set of painful emotions for children to work through. Even if they have an amazing new stepparent, they may not see it that way (at least not in the beginning). If you are a mom dealing with a child's dislike of your ex's new spouse, this puts you in a difficult position. But, don't worry: you can take some steps to help your child cope with the situati

How To Explain Pronoun Changes To Your Non-Binary Child's Younger Siblings

Recent studies have shown that 1 in 10 children and teens identify as gender diverse in some way. If you have multiple children then, it's highly likely you may encounter a situation where you need to explain what non-binary means and share your older child's request to use 'they/them' pronouns to a younger sibling who may not initially understand. Here's how you can explain gender identity and pronoun changes to a younger sibling without any serious issues. Exploring The Spectrum Of Gender Wit
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