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Learning to 'Trust the Process' When Your Child Starts Therapy

Everyone at my house loves to play games. In fact, we love games so much we frequently have game nights during the week. Unfortunately, though, it was during one of these recent game nights my oldest child completely fell apart. After my partner and I calmed her down and put the kids to bed, we came to a conclusion I wasn’t prepared for at all — my daughter needed therapy. While that may sound extreme, I can assure you it wasn’t. This wasn’t the first time we’d encountered a moment like this wi

How To Best Help A Child With ARFID

Most children go through some sort of picky eating phase at some point in their life. Usually, kids eventually outgrow this and learn how to eat a balanced diet filled with a wide variety of food. Unfortunately, kids who suffer from a condition called avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) aren't just "picky eaters" — they deal with a wide variety of feeding disturbances that impact their ability to eat and keep their bodies properly nourished. If your child has received an ARFID dia

Ease Child's Vaccine Fears With These Tips

Going to the doctor’s office is usually a positive experience for most children. As parents, we stress the importance of their health and do everything we can to make sure our kids have a great doctor who takes care of them. Unfortunately, there are times when our children need vaccines, and this is a very scary situation for most young children. Although vaccines scare nearly everyone to some degree, there are seven things parents can do to ease their child’s fear of vaccines. RELATED: Yes, M

14 Organizations That Help Kids In The US

Parents try to do everything in their power to care for their children and provide them with everything they need. Unfortunately, there are times when parents simply cannot provide the physical and emotional support their kids need for one reason or another. This is where humanitarian organizations and charities come in — they are ready and willing to help kids when they need it most. Whether it's books to read or critical medical care, these organizations help kids across the United States. A

Features To Look For When Buying A Car Seat In 2022

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’re simply car seat shopping for baby number two, the process of comparing car seats can feel overwhelming. There are so many features to sift through, and price points range from $40 to $400 depending on which seats you look at. But what features are the most important for your baby’s safety? Well, we have a list of 8 considerations when you’re buying a car seat this year. RELATED: Guide To The Best Car Seats On The Market First and foremost, yo

Are Cold Drinks & Foods Bad For Kids When They're Sick?

Most parents hate watching their kids suffer then they're not feeling well. In fact, we usually bend over backward to take care of our sick children in hopes that it will help them feel better. While this sometimes means it's time to whip up your grandma's chicken noodle soup recipe or start a kettle on the stove for a cup of tea, it can also mean asking your child what food or drink sounds best to them. Unfortunately, some people think that you can't give your child anything cold to eat or dri

Wearing Shoes Isn't Always Ideal For Kids

Many of us wear shoes anytime we leave the house, and some of us even keep shoes on inside the house, too. What’s more, there’s a whole industry based on children’s shoes in particular. Many of us believe that it’s best to have shoes on anytime we go anywhere, and we think shoes keep our feet safe. However, some experts are now saying that it’s actually good for kids to go barefoot more often. RELATED: When Do My Kids Feet Stop Growing? According to Australia's Better Health Channel, toddlers

How My First Fight With a New Partner Helped Me Heal After an Abusive Marriage

Before my decade-long marriage unraveled two years ago, I never realized just how unhealthy our relationship was. When my therapist started using words like “manipulation” and “emotional abuse” to describe my marriage, I laughed it off. However, the more I’ve worked on myself over these past two years, I’ve learned a lot about what abusive relationships really look like, and just how much that kind of environment can erode your self-worth without you even realizing it.

Zendaya's Groundbreaking Tweet for the Mental Health Community

Television shows have become an essential part of our everyday world, and they bleed into everything from social media posts to hilarious memes to conversations with our coworkers and friends. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of pressure on folks to watch the most popular shows, like “Euphoria.” As millions of people excitedly awaited the Season 2 premier of “Euphoria” last week though, Zendaya shared an important message on Twitter.

Getting Pregnant The Second Time May Be Easier, Here's Why

For many couples, it takes up to a year to conceive their first child. While that doesn't seem like much, this wait can feel like forever for women who are excited about becoming a mom. Even worse, some women end up learning that they need help getting pregnant, and that makes the process take even longer. Many people say that it's actually much easier to get pregnant the second time around — but is that really true? Well, according to the experts, there are a few reasons why that may be the ca

7 Colorful Gender Neutral Bedrooms For Teen Girls

As our little girls grow up into teenagers, they no longer want to hang on to anything that makes them seem like a little kid. They say goodbye to toys and pretend play, and trade it in for things like magazines and gossiping on the phone. At some point, this also means your teenage daughter will want to redo her whole bedroom too… and she will probably want it to look more like an adult bedroom than a little girl's space. Luckily for you, we've got seven suggestions for gender neutral, sophist

How To Improve Teens' Social Skills

The teenage years are some of the most complicated for parents and kids alike. A lot of the time, one of the most complicated parts of parenting teens are all of the communication issues that happen for various and assorted reasons. Sometimes these communication problems are just a part of teenage rebellion, whereas other times they're more a demonstration of your teen's lack of social skills. Believe it or not, your teen may still need help with social skills even while they're in high school.

Back Labor Feels Like This

No matter how much you read about labor and delivery, you'll never truly be prepared for active labor until it comes. Unfortunately, labor isn't easy, and it comes with its fair share of aches and pains throughout your body. This is why many women choose to get an epidural or bring other pain-relieving exercises with them to the delivery room. But what pain is just a normal part of delivery and what is something more concerning, like back pain? RELATED: What Does The Start Of Labor Feel Like?

What Happens Developmentally When Sons Are Overly Attached To Dads

When we think about father-son bonds, we often assume that the more dads interact with their sons, the better off those children are. After all, we see tons of negative media about child neglect and the negative impacts of divorce on children, especially when dads are not involved. This makes us assume that more is always better… but that isn't entirely true. In fact, over-attachment to dad can cause lots of negative consequences for boys. Some of these consequences are obvious, while others im

7 Ways Kids Are Getting Around Parental Controls

Children get more screen time than ever before, and many children even have their own cell phones. Unfortunately, this opens children up to mature content, cyberbullying, and other internet dangers. For this reason, many parents rely on parental controls to keep their kids safe. However, a recent article by the Wall Street Journal pointed out that many children and teens have figured out ways to disable or hack parental controls. These are some of the most common ways kids are getting around th

Books For Parents Whose Child Just 'Came Out' As LGBTQ+

As parents, we vow to love our children no matter what. We love them through the terrible twos, we love them as they enter their teen years, and we love them through every decision they make. However, there are times when we also stumble and have our own emotions about things our kids do or say, and sometimes parents struggle with things like disability diagnoses or a child “coming out.” At the end of the day, though, our children are still worthy of love no matter what, and these books can hel
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