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Help! I Think My Husband Is A Narcissist

Does your partner frequently laugh at your expense? Do they control your actions and your bank account while not allowing you to do the same? Do you feel like your needs and desires don't matter to your husband while you bend over backward to make him smile? If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, then you're probably here because someone told you your husband is probably a narcissist. But what does that even mean? Isn't that just a word people use for a selfish man? Well, yes, somet

Understanding the Types of Migraine Medications: A Guide for Migraineurs

If you ask me, medications can be one of the most confusing parts of any health condition. However, migraine medications can be especially confusing because there are different types of medications for different reasons, and sometimes people take multiple medications depending on the day. Plus, as more doctors spend time researching migraine, more medications hit the market, which throws everything off-kilter. Whether you are new to your migraine diagnosis or a veteran who is looking for better

Trans & Non-Binary Youth Face Significant Barriers In Healthcare

The topic of LGBTQ+ youth has received a lot more press in recent years, especially when it comes to their mental health and equal rights. However, not as much information has been provided about physical health for LGBTQ+ youth, especially for trans and non-binary teens receiving the appropriate healthcare they need. However, a recent study led by Dr. Gina Sequeira, co-director of Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic, took a closer look at gender-affirming healthcare for trans and non-binary youth

Your Kids Need To See You Handle Disagreements With Your Partner: Here's Why

Parenting is a stressful job. Unfortunately, this means even the most agreeable parents argue from time to time. Some parents try to do this behind closed doors, while others don’t seem to care if the kids witness their disagreements. But which idea is correct? Well, according to most experts, your kids need to see you handle disagreements in your relationships. In fact, seeing these conflicts and their resolution offers children many benefits. RELATED: What To Do When Your Child Confesses You

10 Ways To Help Your Child Live A Happier Life When They Feel Sad All The Time

Although we often see our kids as happy, well-adjusted people, that's not always the case. In fact, there are times when our kids can seem sad or stressed just like we do. Everyone goes through their fair share of emotions, but if you notice your child seems sad more often than they're happy, it may be time to do something about it so your child can live a happier life. RELATED: How To Connect With Your Child Before Correcting Them Look At Yourself First Children learn through observation, an

Best Android Launchers for Senior and Visually Impaired Users

With smartphones being omnipresent in today’s world, it’s easy to take them for granted. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who find modern smartphones either too confusing or too difficult to use. Elderly people are prone to being left behind as they find it hard to adapt to rapidly changing technology. Similarly, visually-impaired folks may have difficulty operating a device that relies on hand-eye coordination. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these problems. Some may find tha

Will I Regret Getting A Divorce After Cheating On My Spouse?

Infidelity is never an easy experience to work through for couples in any sort of committed relationship. Cheating in any form, whether it’s purely physical or a more emotional affair, breaks down any trust partners felt between each other, and this trust is often difficult to repair. As a result, nearly 40 percent of all divorces occur as a direct result of an affair. In the aftermath of many separations, people ask why an unhappy spouse would resort to an extramarital affair to work through

10 Tips For Parents When Baby Food Shopping

Once a baby reaches four to six months old, most parents start introducing solid foods. While some parents do this through fresh, homemade baby food, that's not always a realistic option for all parents all the time. Unfortunately, the baby food aisle of the grocery store can also be an overwhelming place filled with countless brands and baby food products. However, parents can use these 10 tips to help make their baby food shopping trip less overwhelming and more beneficial for their baby. RE

Is Child Support Affected If My Ex Remarries?

Remarriage is often a normal part of life post-divorce. When you share custody of your children with an ex-partner, though, their remarriage may complicate things a bit. Parents often wonder how remarriage will affect their children emotionally. Furthermore, many parents wonder if remarriage will impact child support payments since the new relationship changes the household income for one parent. However, like most other things related to divorce and co-parenting, child support changes aren't a

8 Incredible Books for Anyone Living With Migraine

I firmly believe that knowledge is a powerful tool for anyone to possess. Although I’ve lived with migraine for nearly 20 years, I’ve realized that my knowledge of migraine is limited at best. So, I did what anyone who wants to learn more about a condition would do: I scoured the shelves of my favorite bookstore to see what books about migraine I could find. The result? This list of eight incredible books about migraine that I would encourage all migraineurs to read and hopefully benefit from.

Here's The Perfect Balance Between Saying 'Yes' & 'No'

If you pay attention to the trends in parenting styles, then chances are you've seen the current thoughts on positive parenting. Furthermore, you've likely noticed that more and more parents are looking for ways to remain sensitive to their child's needs and emotional wellbeing as much as they can. However, this concept has swayed into dangerous territory, with ideas like a "Yes Day" turning into a world where parents just say "yes" to everything their child asks of them. Here's the problem, th

7 Myths About Borderline Personality Disorder That Need a Reality Check

Mental illness is a highly stigmatized topic in modern society. We often hear phrases like, “it’s all in your head” or “you’re just being a baby,” when we express our symptoms to a less than sympathetic individual, and people frequently confuse symptoms between certain diagnoses or make assumptions based on what they see through television and movies. Unfortunately, some diagnoses seem to weather more misnomers than others, especially borderline personality disorder. The myths about people who

Anger Management For Parents (Because We Need It Too)

Anger is a very complicated emotion, and even parents don't always understand it. When we think about anger, we often picture our children throwing tantrums and hitting a sibling or we picture a shouting match between our older kids as they engage in a power struggle over the television remote. Unfortunately, though, anger isn't an emotion that's exclusive to kids — parents feel it too. When unchecked, parental anger can become a household-wide problem that impacts everyone. Therefore, it's imp

7 of the Best VPN Apps for iPhone and Android

Nearly everyone uses the internet daily at this point, there’s almost no way around it. Between cybercriminals, phishing emails, and targeted ads, though, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves while they use the internet. This is where VPN apps come in handy, since they can help protect your browsing habits and data on virtually any device. Also read: How to Spot a Facebook Phishing Email and Similar Scams A virtual private network, or VPN for short, is essentially a service t

5 Things To Do When You Feel Like Life Sucks

It doesn’t matter who you are — sometimes, life sucks. While we all dream of the day when we'll wake up to a marvelous musical number featuring our glorious life in the spotlight, the reality we live day-to-day is far from exciting. Instead, life is often filled with piles of bills, lackluster jobs, and copious amounts of coffee. But whether you’re going through a tough time or just enduring a typical Wednesday, you may need some helpful suggestions to get you through the fog. Well, if that so

Increased Exercise Can Improve Sex Life

It's true that most moms are stressed and busy. In fact, many moms feel like they don't get any time to themselves to just breathe. However, even mom deserves to have a little fun from time to time — even in the bedroom. Sometimes, though, women find it difficult to enjoy sex, especially after they've had a few kids and stay constantly busy and stressed. Sometimes women think they need to branch out or try something extravagant to rekindle the flame between the bedsheets, but apparently, that i

10 Careers That Could Benefit From Trauma-Informed Care Training

Regardless of whether or not you have a PTSD diagnosis, you may have experienced traumatic events during your lifetime that shape who you are today. Sometimes, your reactions to certain sounds, sights, or smells may be so subtle that no one even notices. While this can be helpful if you don’t feel like sharing your entire life story with someone you just met, it can also make some situations difficult to navigate as you try to get your immediate needs met while grounding yourself. In some profe

National Sleepover Day Reminds Moms That Kids Have Been Asking For One For A Long Time; Start Planning

May 9 isn't just an ordinary day — it's National Sleepover Day! This fun holiday is dedicated to a childhood favorite, and it's a great reminder for moms everywhere to let their kids experience at least one sleepover event this year. Although parents often dread sleepovers because of the amount of work and sleep deprivation that comes along with these activities, kids still love them. When we understand the benefits and have a solid game plan in place, though, even the most Type A moms can enjo

What's The Best Age For Swimming Lessons?

Each year as the weather warms up, families take to the water for swimming and other fun times. In fact, many families enjoy cooling off in public pools during the summer months, and there are many activities kids like to do in the pool. However, not knowing how to swim puts many kids at risk of drowning, so it's important to know the best age for swimming lessons so you can keep your children safe in the water. RELATED: The Safest Pool Accessory For Kids Learning To Swim, According To The US

Migraine Hangovers Are a Bitch — Here's How to Handle Them

If you Google “migraine treatments” or “dealing with migraine,” you’ll find lots of helpful information for dealing with headache and the symptoms that accompany it. Unfortunately, I think many people forget that there are actually four “phases” within each migraine: prodrome, aura (if you experience them), headache (or attack), and postdrome. While I definitely hate the headache portion and know it’s the worst to deal with, the postdrome phase, or hangover, can be a real bitch to deal with as w
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